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Pedagogical Practices

In the following essays, scholars, teachers, and students discuss various pedagogical practices and experiences related to using VG in the classroom.

Using the VG/Voices From the Gaps Project in the Multicultural Literature Classroom

This document is designed to assist instructors at the high school and college levels in using VG/Voices from the Gaps as an assignment option in the classroom. In this scenario, students would, as a graded assignment, generate a body of biographical, bibliographical, translation, and archival information about a particular woman artist or writer of color, as well as visual and aural texts related to her life and works…

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Some Ideas for Using VG in Literature and Composition Classrooms

If you teach a course that is not solely devoted to women writers of color, or if you are a teaching assistant and have no say on the compiling of the syllabus and a reading list you can still use the Voices from the Gaps website and give your students assignments compatible with the VG project that will allow them to have their work published. Here are some types of assignments that could be used in teaching a course that is not your own or does not focus on women of color…

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Identity in the Classroom

The questions of what it means to be different, to have that difference be marginalized in a white dominated society, and what it means to be a woman of color who writes, have lost none of their poignancy in the decades since Zora Neale Hurston's writing about becoming black. Teaching a class on women writers of color, designed to create web pages for the Voices from the Gaps site, inevitably leads to thinking about these issues of identity: how do we define and name the identities of the women writers featured on the site? What is a person "of color"? How do the writers themselves name and draw on their identities in their work?. . .

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Negotiation Boundaries in Research on Native Americans

In this paper I will talk about the process of the research that resulted in the Voices author entry for Rendon. In particular, I want to focus on the hidden challenges I faced as a white university student researching and writing about a Native American author. These challenges centered on the issues of boundaries and culture, particularly my role as a white researcher writing about a Native American author…

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"Not Just Junk on the Web": How On-line Writing Assignments May Benefit Student Writing

Because we have involved undergraduates at every stage of our web site project, we sought and were awarded a grant from the Center for Writing at the University of Minnesota to develop and administer a survey to twenty student contributors. Our survey asked the following questions, designed to elicit information about the experiences and attitudes of our students as they contemplated the on-line writing that disseminated their research for our site…

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