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Teaching Materials

VG is designed primarily to serve as an active learning component in the literature classroom where the works of women writers of color are read and studied. In addition to using VG as a research tool, students can also participate in shaping the site by contributing a page on an artist or writer of their choice. In this way student work, rather than ending up in a file drawer or the wastepaper basket, contributes creatively and collaboratively to a global community of students, teachers, scholars, and artists. It is our strong belief, sustained by experience, that students who are involved in this kind of real-world, collaborative project take a greater stake in their work.

Incorporating Artist Pages into Your Curriculum

Having students contribute artist pages is the most common way to incorporate VG into your curriculum. By creating artist pages, students have the opportunity to see their work develop through a paced process of research, writing, revision that culminates with the publication of their work on the VG website. Visit Writing for VG for guidelines and more information on creating content for VG.

Other Ways to Incorporate VG into Your Classroom

In addition to creating artist pages, other ways of incorporating VG into your curriculum include