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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to contact one of the writers/artists featured on your website. Can you send me their contact information?
No. We cannot provide the contact information for the writers and artists featured on our site. Often a simple Google search with the writer's name and the word “contact” will do the trick. Otherwise we suggest contacting the writer's last known publisher.

I would like to use an image found on your website. Can you give me permission or provide the permissions information?
No. Most of the images used on our site are permission pending. We cannot provide permission to use the images on the website.

I am an artist/writer. Can I be featured on the Voices from the Gaps website? OR
Why don't you have {insert artist or writer's name here} included on your site?
We are always looking to expand our list of writers and artists. Please contact us to suggest artists and writers you think should be included on our site. See our guidelines for more information.

I found a mistake on your site. Please let us know! We strive to be as accurate as possible, but things slip by our editors from time to time.

Can I write for VG?
Yes! We welcome submissions to our editorial board. Please see the Writing for VG section of our website for more information. We welcome submissions for artist pages, reviews, essays, and interviews.

I'm an educator. How do I use VG in my classroom?
The majority of our content is written by students in conjunction with various courses in literature, history, and women's studies. Visit the Teaching with VG section for resources on incorporating VG into you high school or college classroom.

I love your site. How can I contribute to the project?
We are always in need of financial support. Visit Support VG to learn about how to give a financial gift to Voice from the Gaps. Every little bit helps.